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Remove bad data from your database


Bad data is the problem of every database. Bad data can reside in database in form of duplicate contacts, junk records, spam email addresses, bad phone and unnormalised data. There is no foolproof way by which you can keep this data out of your Marketing Automation system however, once it’s entered into your database then you need to take care of it. In this blog, let’s talk about 4 ways to keep your database sanitised and in compliance.

Identify Duplicates:

As soon as you start getting data from various mediums, duplicates are unavoidable. Recommended is to keep scrubbing your data on a regular basis and eliminate or merge duplicate records as they enter into your system.

Almost, every Marketing automation system e.g. Marketo & Hubspot has this feature to merge duplicate records. And this practice should be followed proactively.

As a preliminary check, you can ask your database personnels to scrub data before uploading into the system. This would enable duplicate check at a very first stage. While you are integrating your CRM, you need to make sure that how do you want to take care of duplicate records. Since it has been noticed that duplicates are created while both systems sync with each other.

Identify Bad Data:

Identifying a bad record is easy job and can be automated as well using default functionalities of MA systems. If we talk about Marketo then we can create Smart Campaigns to keep identifying bad records entering into the system.

Let’s take an example of an email address which contains two @, so we can easily put this into smart list filter of smart campaign and keep flagging these kind of email addresses. Similarly, the same practice can be made for each and every field in your database.

At M-Axxis, we have identified around 10K bad strings for First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone and many more. Once automated workflows are created in your MA system then it works automatically for every records on the fly. You can keep these workflows to either delete or blacklist or suspend the records.

Identify and eliminate spam emails:

You can identify spam email addresses in your database and save your organization’s millions of dollars. Now a days, a lot of people have made this a business to put a spam trap for big organizations to have them pay hefty amounts.

We have been able to discover a few methods by which we can easily identify spam leads in your database.

For instance, try creating a smart list with the following filters and you will be surprised to see the results:

  1. People who have been delivered your email and they did not open, however, they clicked a link in your email. Strange, huh?

There are other things as well which can bring your IP reputation down and can cost you a lot. So keep spam traps away from your database.

Identify irregular format data and normalize it:

Big databases have seen this problem a lot where data comes in different formats and marketers find hard time to keep a tab on this. For example, a person filled out his state (province) as VA and other one filled Virginia. This is one of the example, this could happen with almost the other field in your database.

So at M-Axxis, we have created some intelligent normalization programs wherein we use all possible combinations of these attributes and normalize the record before it enters into your Email Marketing Engine.

Actually, this is the need of the hour because GDPR is in force now and if you end up sending unsolicited emails to EU nationals and this could levy a hefty fine on your company.

Here we’ll conclude our blog with some great key takeaways and the best practices.

If you want to see all these things in live environment, just give us a shout. We would be more than happy to show you all bad strings identified by M-Axxis Digital.

Interested to save $$:

M-Axxis Digital has a intelligent solutions for keeping your Marketo or HubSpot data sanitised and safe at all times. Feel free to write to us at for more information.

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