New WordPress Website in 5 Steps

How to take your business website in 5 easy steps using WordPress for Free in 2020?

Some data facts:

"According to some data facts, 32.5% of all sites on the internet use WordPress and to date, 317 separate versions of WordPress have been released."

Today is the era when everything is online and mostly all people staying in urban areas avail internet either on their phones or using their computers. So it has been crucial to have your business online and to have your online presence first thing you need is a website. Without a good and interactive website, you will not be able to showcase your products or services. Nowadays think of a single business that does not have a website. Everything is getting its online presence in any way.

2020 is going to change the way people have been using the internet. The millennials and Gen-Z both will use the internet at its fullest. Earlier people did not have easy access to the internet, and it was costly too, however, nowadays it has been an easy approach for all and people are comfortable to use it in their way.

So if we talk about the website "WordPress" is the first content Management System (CMS) that comes to everyone's mind who so ever has worked on any of the CMSs in the past. On a personal note, I too prefer WordPress. After the WordPress version 5 release, it's been getting a lot of GUI changes that are making it favorite for the people who don’t like codes.

In the most recent version of WordPress, an editor has been launched named Gutenberg editor. This editor makes the life of a contributor easy because it features a new Drag and Drop functionality.

So now it's time to hit the spot and find out how anyone can have a WordPress website almost for Free in 2020. Follow the 5 steps below and get your business website in no time.

1. Get a subscription to website hosting provider - For the first-timers, I would describe it a bit. The hosting provider is the company that provides you the hard disk space in the cloud for your website. Think of it like this, you have a file with you in a flash storage device, so keep it permanently saved somewhere you need a computer hard drive wherein you can save it from your flash storage device. Similarly, you have a website that needs to be hosted/saved somewhere so we shall need a space that you will buy from some hosting providers like,,, etc. I personally prefer When we get a subscription from Bluehost we get a free domain as well.

2. Get a domain - We are assuming that you have a business name so you need to register a domain of your choice (e.g. while signing up for To get a free domain select the highlighted option while signing up.

Now you are almost halfway through.

3. Login to the Bluehost account. On the first screen, hit Add a new site button. Refer to the attached screenshot.

On the next screen fill up the details about your website. Make a note of all detail that you fill on this screen. The screenshot below is self-explanatory.

4. Now come back to the dashboard page and hit MySites button on the left. You should be able to see all your WordPress websites there. Hover your mouse to edit your site.

5. Once you are in the WordPress (wp-admin) console then you just need to choose a theme of your choice and start editing the site the way you want.

If you already own a WordPress website but jumbled up on how to use it efficiently, which theme, which plugins for what purpose then stay tuned or visit us at We have been using and creating WordPress websites for over more than 10 years so we have a bulleted list for everything. You just need to shout and it should be there with you as well.
In the end, happy holidays and a great new year ahead.
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