M-Axxis Digital is Now on Clutch – Take a Look!

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Clients say we deliver on Clutch.

The Manifest, a business insights firm based in Washington, D.C., ranked us as an industry leader by featuring M-Axxis in the pool of the top marketing agencies in India. The Manifest and Clutch, sister companies, research and rank firms by combing through businesses’ qualitative and quantitative performances, client satisfaction, market presence, experience, and more. They feature companies across a variety of service areas, such as PR firms, mobile app developers, and marketing companies.

With such extensive analysis, M-Axxis is honored to be named as a premier industry leader. We are listed on Clutch as one of the leading digital marketing companies in India! On our Clutch profile, some of our previous clients also left feedback about their interactions and experiences with our team and our deliverables, some of which we feature below:

"I’m happy with the service M-Axxis Digital provides. They can achieve 5–6% conversions after sending out 2,000 emails,” mentioned one of our clients, the founder of a lead generation company. “

"I appreciate their professional approach to project management. They use tools like Asana, Basecamp, and Trello for communication instead of email. I like that about them. It’s what sets M-Axxis Digital apart from other vendors."

Our team wants to extend a thank you to Clutch, The Manifest, and our clients for their recognition and features of us. We very much appreciate the partnerships and feedback that we receive, and we’re always looking forward to connect regarding new projects in the future. We know the importance of customer engagement to increase satisfaction, and we will continue to strive to be at the top of our field.

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