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Their services have been excellent thus far, improving the number of inquiries the company receives and the number of hits to the website. The team manages the project well, is very prompt with all replies, and always demonstrates their expertize in their field.



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Experienced people. Entrepreneurial approach. The gamut of marketing services includes marketing automation, content marketing, blogs, emails, landing pages and more.




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Some Intelligent Solutions

At M-Axxis, we keep researching and developing some intelligent solutions for our esteemed clients. Some of them are below. If you have any specific requirement feel free to leave a comment.

Lead Washing Machine

Pay for only good contacts

This is the most intelligent solutions that we have developed for Marketo. This solution will save your dollars by telling you about the bad contacts lying in your Marketo database. Lead Washing Machine uses more than 10,000 string combinations on your Marketo contact fields and identify what is worth deleting.

Multi Touch Attribution

What is driving leads for you?

This is the most selling solution from M-Axxis. This program will help you determine the cost and return on marketing channels. In simple words, you spend a lot on PPC, however, your social media marketing paid off more than that. Then we are clear where to exhaust more marketing budget.

Advanced Lead Scoring

Push only sales-ready leads to the sales team

M-Axxis has developed some special techniques to create Lead Scoring Program more advanced. This program will leverage your Marketing Automation system and GA to score based on how much time a lead spent on your web page. This kind of scoring techniques will clearly show the intent of a lead.

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M-axxis Digital is committed to fulfill all your Marketing Automation needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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